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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

Posted by Admin on February, 18, 2020

Hydroxyethyl cellulose: A product that acts as a dispersing agent, thickener, binder, and stabilizer and is used in coating, oil exploitation, building, medicine, food, textile, papermaking, polymerization, and other fields

Hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) is a free-flowing granular, white powder, formulated from the alkali cellulose and ethylene oxide by etherification. HEC belongs to non-ionic soluble cellulose ethers. Hydroxyethyl cellulose is soluble in hot and cold water. Due to good thickening, dispersing, suspending, emulsifying, film-forming, and water-protecting and providing protective colloid properties, hydroxyethyl cellulose has been extensively used in coating, oil exploitation, building, medicine, food, textile, papermaking, polymerization, and other fields.

Features of hydroxyethyl cellulose: -

• HEC is soluble in hot or cold water, does not precipitate by heat or boiling that enables HEC to have a broad range of solubility and viscosity characteristics and non-thermal gelation.

• It can coexist with a wide range of other water-soluble surfactants, polymers, and salts, and acts as a fine colloidal thickener for the solution containing a high concentration of electrolytes.

• The water retention capacity of HEC is the twice of methylcellulose. HEC has a better flow- regulating property.

• HEC is stable in viscosity and prevented from mildew. The product enables the paint to have better leveling properties in construction and have good can-opening effects.

Uses of hydroxyethyl cellulose: -

In the products like soap, toothpaste, lotion, cosmetics and ointment, hydroxyethyl cellulose acts as a dispersing agent, thickener, binder, and stabilizer to increase the lubrication, density and mercerized appearance of the products.

• Due to its thickening properties and water solubility, hydroxyethyl cellulose is widely used in the cosmetics and hair industry. HEC makes cosmetic products easier to apply on the skin.

• Hydroxyethyl cellulose is often used with hydrophobic drugs in capsule formulations and helps to improve the drug’s dissolution in the gastrointestinal fluids.

• Hydroxyethyl cellulose is also used extensively in the oil and gas industry as a drilling mud additive.

• Hydroxyethyl cellulose is widely used in the paint industry. HEC is used in latex paint especially high PVA paints to provide the paints with excellent coating performance. No flocculation will occur when the paint becomes thick. Hydroxyethyl cellulose is known for higher thickening effects. It is used to reduce the dosage, to improve the cost-effectiveness of formulation and to enhance the washing resistance of paints.

• Hydroxyethyl cellulose is utilized as a thickener and cementing agent of work over fluid for oil wells. HEC is helpful in providing with a clear solution with low fixed content, thus highly reducing the damage to the structure of oil wells. The liquid with hydroxyethyl cellulose used for thickening and gets easily decomposed by the enzyme, acid, or oxidizing agent, and considerably enhances the ability of hydrocarbon recovery.

• Hydroxyethyl cellulose of daily chemical grade has good system thickening performance, mildew-resistant performance, and rheology-modifying functions, good water retention, and film formation, and gives the final product full visual effects and all necessary application performance.

• Hydroxyethyl cellulose is one of the basic ingredients in the personal lubricant KY Jelly. This cellulose is also a key ingredient in the formation of big bubbles as it has the ability to dissolve in water but also offer structural strength to the soap bubble.

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